The Best PC Gaming Controllers

The Best PC Gaming Controllers - Xbox Controller, Switch Pro, Xbox Elite, Mayflash, adaptive

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PC gaming has a lot to offer. While this won't surprise anyone who has spent any time in the community, what may come as a minor surprise to them is the rising prevalence of gamepad and console controller support.

Times are changing - the support for controllers on PC titles is no longer an assault on the puritanic ways of the PC gaming world. Stepping away from the gaming keyboard and gaming mouse is a growing trend and can be a very liberating process, allowing a new aspect or playstyle of a game to be unlocked.

Many players will prefer the minimalism of a controller, appreciating its ergonomic layout and simplicity. But it would be wrong to see this minimalism as meaning the controllers are featureless. Many controllers offer custom button mapping, tension and sensitivity government, and even modular triggers and levers.

Gamers raised on a steady diet of console gaming but made the jump to gaming PC or gaming laptop may also feel more at home with a controller in their hands. Sometimes a specific genre, like fighters or racers, lends itself to the controller layout. Thanks to the efforts of some manufacturers, there are now accessible controllers suitable for gamers with disabilities, which can adapt to individual needs.

To help you find the right option for you, we’ve rounded up the best PC controller below. Read on to find your new gaming companion.

The best PC gaming controller

The best affordable PC controller
Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller
Price: £34.99
Alternative retailers£40.99View offer
Jacamo£54.99View offer
JD Williams£54.99View offer
Argos£54.99View offer


The Xbox controller is a design that has stood the test of time. It's comfortable, robust, and

The best premium PC controller
Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series Two

Rrp: £159.99

Price: £149.00


Building on the Xbox Wireless Controller, the Elite introduces several impressive features.

The best motion control with parallel sticks
Sony DualShock 4 Controller
Price: £54.55
Alternative retailers
Scan Computers£43.49View offer
Currys£44.99View offer£45.00View offer£55.99View offer


With the Sony DualShock 4 controller, gamers can control their catalogue in comfort and style. The

The best motion control with offset sticks
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Rrp: £105.00

Price: £105.00


The Switch Pro Controller is an impressive thing for both Switch and PC users. The controller is

The best retro controller for emulators


This offering from 8BitDo is ideal for those who like nothing more than booting up a ROM for a

The best controller for flight sims
Thrustmaster TCA Officer Pack Airbus Flight Stick

Rrp: £155.58

Price: £121.99
Alternative retailers
Scan Computers£159.98View offer
Argos£159.99View offer


The joy of flight sims is in the name - itu2019s a simulation, immersing gamers in a digital

The best PC-specific controller


It isn't pretty, but the Logitech F710 controller is host to an array of features. It has a

The best PC fight stick
Mayflash F300 Arcade Fight Stick
Price: £70.99


While we would argue that button-mashing is always a valid tactic, fighting games are also a

The best PC controller for accessibility


The Xbox Adaptive Controller is a considered and well-executed device, helping those with

An essential kit for accessible gaming


The Logitech Adaptive Gaming Kit provides the external triggers and buttons for Microsoft's Xbox

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