Moonstruck Review

A Brookyln bookeeper, Loretta (Cher) falls in love with the estranged brother of her husband-to-be, a maimed baker named Ronny (Cage).The two of them cling to their slice of love as if it might fall out of the sky like the brilliant moon that seems to have inspired their new-found passion for life.

by Angie Errigo |
Published on
Release Date:

01 Jan 1987

Running Time:

102 minutes



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There’s a particularly winning moment at the climax of this sparkling, gently peculiar comedy when the old grandpa, who has been wandering in and out of the amorous action walking his many dogs, bursts into tears. “I’m confused,” he says. And who can blame him? Under the influence of a magical full moon in Manhattan his family has been running around with fire in their bellies, and it ain’t indigestion — although they do wolf down startling quantities of Italian food. John Patrick Shanley’s Oscar-winning screenplay for Norman Jewison’s beautifully made, offbeat tale of amore is full of rich little episodes and frequently poetic outbursts, seized by a marvellous cast as a normally down-to-earth but emotional Italian-American bunch in the throes of several mid-life crises. Cher is great as the greying widowed book-keeper Loretta Castorini, who discovers passion and opera with maimed baker Ronny (the always eccentric, here attractively so, Nicolas Cage). She and Olympia Dukakis were rightly popular winners of 87’s actress Oscars. Captivating viewing.

A wholesome, filling glimpse at what happens when people rediscover their appetite for love.
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