Halloween Review

On Halloween night of 1963, a young Michael myers murders his older sister. On Halloween night of 1978 he's escaped, and is heading home towards another (Lee Curtis).

by Chris Hewitt |
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Release Date:

01 Jan 1978

Running Time:

0 minutes



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The common perception is that the arrival of Jason, Freddy, and Wes Craven's oh-so-clever Scream have put the frighteners on this, the Daddy of the slasher movie genre. Stuff and nonsense - it still makes a good case for being the greatest horror film ever.

Carpenter had come off Dark Star, which was made for less than peanuts, and on weekends, so Halloween - made for little more than peanuts but at least with a twenty one consecutive day shoot must have seemed a lot more professional. And he used those days (and more importantly, nights) to full effect. His framing is masterful, concealing Michael in the shadows for most of the film's running time. Jamie Lee Curtis is terrific in her debut film role, and once again Donald Pleasence makes a banquet out of a potential ham dinner.

Crank up the sound, and be scared witless by horror's greatest director...

Regardless of how silly you think it all is, this will have you scared witless by the time the end credits roll; low budget horror hog heaven.
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