Blade: Trinity Review

Blade: Trinity
Tired of their war against the half-human, half-vampire Blade, vampire leaders devise a final solution: resurrect Dracula, while simultaneously framing Blade for a human massacre.

by William Thomas |
Published on
Release Date:

10 Dec 2004

Running Time:

113 minutes



Original Title:

Blade: Trinity

As the character that arguably revamped the comic book movie genre, Wesley Snipes' Daywalker deserved a good send-off with this, the third and final Blade movie. Unfortunately, as with the last trilogy to invoke 'Trinity', it's a crushing disappointment.

Sadly, the blame can be laid squarely at the feet of David Goyer who, after writing the first two instalments, pulls double duty here, and makes a right old balls of it, lacking the directorial skills to redeem his surprisingly shoddy script, instead overloading the action sequences with MTV editing, while hanging his actors out to dry. What with Blade hanging up his sword, Blade Trinity was meant to serve as a franchise-continuing introduction to the Nightstalkers. However, Biel has precious little to do, while Reynolds' usual razor-sharp comic instincts are buried beneath a barrage of one-liners so bad they come complete with tumbleweed.

So if the Nightstalkers aren't worthy, then it's up to Blade himself to redeem matters. However, try as he might, the always-slick Snipes is allowed no room to shine, and ultimately - notably in his face-offs with Dominic Purcell's appallingly anaemic Dracula - ends up simply retreading past triumphs.

The Blade films, previously, have been extraordinarily divisive - fans tend to either like the first Blade and hate Part II, or vice versa. At least with Blade Trinity, Goyer has made a movie that everyone will agree sucks.

Chances are that Goyer's cack-handed direction has killed a franchise he helped birth. Blade has left the building - pity it's by way of the top floor.
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