The Toll: Michael Smiley Hides Out In The Wild West Of Wales In Crime Movie – Exclusive Trailer

The Toll

by Ben Travis |
Published on

If you’re in a crime movie, you should know: it’s impossible to escape your past, and it’ll inevitably catch up with you. Yes, even if you’re hiding out in a quiet part of remote Wales. That’s the set-up of The Toll, a darkly comic crime flick from director Ryan Andrew Hooper and writer Matt Redd, which finds Michael Smiley’s mysterious ex-criminal working a toll booth in the Welsh countryside as he tries to move beyond his former life. Of course, it’s not long before things ramp up – take an exclusive look at the trailer here.

Beyond the ever-great Smiley, the impressive cast for The Toll also features Game Of ThronesIwan Rheon, Sightseers’ Steve Oram, and Paul Kaye. And then there’s Annes Elwy as police officer Catrin, following the trail of destruction as the bubble of peace around our mysterious central character is burst.

See how the whole thing shakes out when The Toll hits UK cinemas and digital on 27 August. Stay tuned for release dates elsewhere – worldwide sales are with Great Point Media.

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