The Nightmare Before Christmas: Sequel Novel In The Works

Sally, The Nightmare Before Christmas

by James White |
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While Disney isn't shy about finding merchandising opportunities and sequel possibilities for all its titles, it tends to be a little quicker than nearly 30 years. Still, festive perennial The Nightmare Before Christmas is headed down the sequel route – for a novel.

io9 reports that The Wicked Deep author Shea Earnshaw has been hired to write a book that shifts the spotlight to rag doll Sally, while also continuing the story after events of the film. The plot sees a happily married Sally and Jack get their lives momentarily turned upside down when Sally accidentally lets loose a mysterious villain in Halloween Town. With Jack and the entire holiday world itself in peril, Sally goes on a quest to the other holiday worlds — including one previously unexplored — as the Pumpkin Queen, uncovering secrets about how to save the world and wrestle with new discoveries about her past life.

"This new book, written from the point of view of Sally, takes place shortly after the movie ends. It’s the yet-to-be-told love story of Sally and Jack. But it’s also a coming-of-age story for Sally, as we see her navigate her new royal title as the Pumpkin Queen of Halloween Town,” Ernshaw tells io9. "It will hopefully give fans a long-awaited second dose of Sally, Jack, and all the familiar residents of Halloween Town, while introducing a new cast of grim, strange characters, that I hope readers will love." The book should be on shelves in 2022. Will the Mouse House end up turning it into a movie? Make your guess...

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