Star Wars: Exclusive New Image Of General Hux


by James Dyer |
Published on

Domhnall Gleeson's sallow-skinned general returns in The Last Jedi, having apparently not been fired for losing Starkiller Base. We spoke to Gleeson about Hux's prospects in the new issue of Empire and here's an exclusive image of the man in action to prove it.

“Because of what happened in the first film, he's been pushed to a place where his position is in real jeopardy, and people make really bad decisions when they get desperate,” Gleeson tells Empire. “Hux and Kylo Ren are vying for power and for Snoke's attention. They’re both contenders for the throne and Hux is hoping Ren explodes, so that he can take up the mantle. He knows it will be a battle otherwise, one he may very well lose.”

For more Hux-related goodness, as well as brand new interviews with all the major characters in The Last Jedi, pick up the January issue of Empire, on sale now from all Resistance and First Order newsagents.

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