Riddick 4 Script Is Written, Reveals Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel reveals Riddick 4 script

by Ben Travis |
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What do you get as a birthday gift for the man who, presumably, has everything? And what if that man is Vin Diesel? He already has a new Fast sequel where he’s back behind the wheel sans Dwayne Johnson, he has an electric scooter, he has a really fancy car. Well, if you’re David Twohy, you get him something else: the script for Riddick 4. In an Instagram video – and Diesel is particularly prolific on there – the actor revealed that the next chapter in the sci-fi saga now has a screenplay, and its current title is Riddick 4: Furya.

Those familiar with the previous Riddick films – that’s Pitch Black, The Chronicles Of Riddick, and 2013’s simply-titled Riddick – will know that ‘Furya’ is the shiny-eyed anti-hero’s planet of origin, hinting that the next instalment could involve a return to his homeworld. Beyond that, the main thing we know about the script is that it has the following proverb written on the cover: ‘Everyone wants to be a beast until it’s time to do what real beasts do’. Previously, Diesel has hinted that the fourth instalment would be an 'origin story', and will take place on the grander, space-opera scale of Chronicles rather than the leaner Pitch Black and Riddick – though those reports are from three years ago.

Twohy has long been the co-custodian of the Riddick franchise alongside Diesel, having written and directed all three previous instalments. Riddick 4: Furya currently doesn’t have any kind of scheduled release date or additional information as of yet, but with a script now in existence this one could start moving forward – once Diesel has wrapped on Fast 9 that is.

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