Ready For Independence Day 2 and 3?

Roland Emmerich brainstorms ID4-Ever

Ready For Independence Day 2 and 3?

by Owen Williams |
Published on

How many times can a director end the world in his career? It seems Roland Emmerich isn't done with destroying mankind just yet. Following this year's disaster epic to end all disaster epics 2012 (which itself follows on the heels of I****ndependence Day and The Day After Tomorrow), Roland Emmerich has been talking to MTV about returning to past glories. More aliens! More flag-waving! More magic laptops! We give you ID4-Ever, parts one and two.

It's not even at the script stage yet, but Emmerich says the story will pick up soldierboy Will Smith and President Bill Pullman (both of whose involvement would therefore be crucial) some years after the first film. He wants two movies to allow space for "a bigger arc", and while he wouldn't divulge specific plot points, he did reveal that visits to the alien homeworld are not on the agenda: "it's always about the Earth, and the Earth gets invaded".

"One day we will do it," says Roland. But with 2012, The Drought, Nocturne and even a Lars Von Trier version (Melancholia) all at various stages of development, can we take another two armageddons? And which of our Earth landmarks are left to destroy?

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