Ready For An Event Horizon TV Series?

Event Horizon

by James White |
Published on

Regular listeners to the Empire Podcast (or just anyone within earshot of him) will know of our Chris Hewitt's undying love for Event Horizon. So, you can just imagine the amount of chatter to come as Variety reports that Amazon and Paramount Television are developing a TV adaptation of the 1997 cult sci-fi pic.

The movie, directed by Paul WS Anderson from Philip Eisner's script, followed a spaceship that disappeared after testing an experimental gravity drive capable of creating an artificial black hole that was meant to allow the ship to travel to distant points in the galaxy. A rescue crew and the gravity drive’s inventor are sent to investigate after the ship mysteriously reappears, only to discover that the ship traveled to a hellish dimension outside of the known universe that infects the ship with a sinister sentience, leading to multiple deaths. The likes of Sam Neill, Laurence Fishburne, Sean Pertwee and Jason Isaacs made up part of the onscreen crew compliment.

Death Note/The Guest's Adam Wingard (who is currently in post-production on next year's Godzilla Vs Kong), is on to executive produce and, assuming all goes well, direct the series, with the film's producers Larry Gordon and Lloyd Levin also back to work on the show. You will need eyes to see it. Probably.

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