New War Of The Worlds TV series in the works

War Of The Worlds

by James White |
Published on

The duo who managed to squeeze six seasons of televisual teen angst and supernatural drama out of Teen Wolf have found their next potential project. Jeff Davis and Andrew Cochran are adapting HG Wells' The War Of The Worlds for MTV.

Wells tale of Martian aliens invading London and rampaging across the countryside in giant war machines before (spoiler alert) succumbing to Earthly bacteria has been adapted many times before in different media, most famously in projects such as Orson Welles' panic-inducing 1938 radio drama, Steven Spielberg's 2005 movie, the 1953 film and Jeff Wayne's 1978 concept album (all together now: ooooolaaaaaaa!)

And the story previously inspired a TV series, which found the war resuming after the aliens – which had been in hibernation rather than dying – are inconveniently revived. This new show is at an embryonic stage, spawned from The Firm's Jeff Kwatinetz and Josh Barry (grandson of Gene Barry, star of the 1953 movie.) We'll have to wait to see if it goes to series.

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