Ken Loach Is Looking For Iraq

Route Irish next for legendary director

Ken Loach Is Looking For Iraq

by Alastair Plumb |
Published on

Legendary Brit director Ken Loach may be 73, but he isn't slowing down any - after the success of** Looking For Eric**, he's already lined up his next movie, Route Irish.

Like fellow Brit, Paul Greengrass, Route Irish sees Loach tackle the thorny issue of Iraq, with the title referring to the road between Baghdad Airport and the International Green Zone, and should be a return to harder-hitting fare after the relative whimsy of his Eric Cantona-starring outing.

Loach will be working with his longtime writing partner Paul Laverty (who's been the writer for his past nine films now) and will feature, in true Loachian style, two relative newcomers in the form of Mark Womack and Andrea Lowe.

The plot will revolve around two private security contractors working in Baghdad. When one of them dies on 'Route Irish', the other won't accept the official explanation and decides to find out who's really responsible. Which sounds quite a bit like Hidden Agenda - if this is as good as that Loach flick, we'll be in for a treat.

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