Jordan Peele Producing A Remake Of The People Under The Stairs

Jordan Peele

by James White |
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While Wes Craven always played down the idea that his 1991 horror The People Under The Stairs is a political satire, but given some dangerous characters' resemblance to the Reagans, it was hard not to see it as comment. And word that Jordan Peele is backing a remake has us thinking that the social commentary will be ramped up.

The original film is berserk saga of an LA kid ("Fool", played by Brandon Adams) who stumbles into the house of Mommy and Daddy Robeson (Wendy Robie and Everett McGill) and finds a community of cannibal children hiding in the cracks. Gimp-suited craziness abounds. Craven was developing a TV adaptation before his death in 2015, but now it'll be back on the big screen thanks to Peele and his Monkeypaw production partner Win Rosenfeld. Collider has no details yet on whether Peele would end up directing, work on the script or simply act as producer.

As we write this, the original People is 29 years old, so the new one may end up arriving in its 30th anniversary year. The trailer for that film is below.

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