James Gunn Hints At Guardians Spin-Off Featuring Star-Lord Becoming A Reality

Star-Lord (GOTG3)

by James White |
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If you stuck around — and why wouldn't you, it's a Marvel film, you know how this works – for the end credit sting of Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3, then you'll have seen the brief stinger featuring Chris Pratt's Peter Quill adapting to life back on Earth, sharing breakfast with grandfather (Gregg Henry). And then the title card, "The Legendary Star-Lord will return…" While that suggests potential future outings for the character, writer/director James Gunn is suggesting it actually could happen.

Yet while thoughts on the character's return might have turned towards him showing up in the next Avengers film or cameoing elsewhere, Gunn in his director's commentary for the film, hints at the chance for a Star-Lord stand-alone.

"We always want to give somebody a little something special," he says. "And Chris and I, forever, have talked about how great it would be to be able to do a 'Legendary Star-Lord' movie, a story with Star-Lord on Earth trying to adapt to the environment of Earth in the same way that somebody else might try to adapt to the alien environment of outer space. He's a fish out of water in just kind of regular water. So I can't wait to see it."

Gunn, of course, likely wouldn't write or direct it given his busy workload co-shepherding DC's movie output (and making a new Superman film), so it would be up to someone else. Though we do rather suspect Guardians fans might be more hoping for the further adventures of the new team incarnation led by Rocket, as teased in the mid-credits scene of the movie…

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