George Miller Talks Mad Max 4

No mention of Bartertown

George Miller Talks Mad Max 4

by Owen Williams |
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Mad Max** director George Miller has appeared on Australia's ABC News{ =nofollow}, reporting on the progress of Mad Max 4: once known as Fury Road, but now, seemingly, not so much.

"All the vehicles are hybrids cobbled together from the wrecks of the past," says Miller, standing next to a couple of parked-up examples. "They'll have to be very high performance because the film is shot at speed. The reason this movie's so big is it's got just a huge number of stunts. We're trying to do stuff that I believe people haven't done before."

He says it'll take another year to build the cars, and that, thirty years on from the original, pushing the envelope in an action movie landscape almost unrecognisable from that of 1979, is the absolute priority. We're very much liking that he's talking in terms of physical stunts, with ne'ery a whiff of CGI.

And as if to emphasise that the cars are the stars, cast-wise, nothing is yet confirmed: "It would be silly of me to even speculate until I get through the process," says Miller (not a shoe-in for Jeremy Renner then). He says everyone is a possibility, including, in response to a press question, Mel Gibson (hugely unlikely, we're saying), but laments that the home-grown Australian talent he's looking for are all over in Hollywood. "There's a massive talent drain. They're desperate to come back and work [in Australia] but there are no jobs."

Sustained filmmaking is the key, he believes, using Weta in Wellington New Zealand as a shining example. "It's not just about Mad Max 4, it's also about Happy Feet..."

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