Empire Podcast #570: Adrien Brody, Jeffrey Wright, Bryan Cranston

Adrien Brody, Jeffrey Wright, Bryan Cranston

by Chris Hewitt |
Published on

Wes Anderson's new film, Asteroid City, has so many incredible actors in it that we were able to send John Nugent to the Cannes Film Festival recently, steal three of them away for interview purposes, and put them back before anyone even noticed. So, in this week's episode of the (soon to be award-losing once again) Empire Podcast, you can hear that fun interview with old hands Adrien Brody, Bryan Cranston and Jeffrey Wright.

Then, in the podbooth, Chris Hewitt is joined by James Dyer and Amon Warmann to finally drive a stake through the heart of the 'which director won a particular decade' question, introduce Amon to horror movie soundtracks, discuss the week's movie news, including an extended look at the repercussions of the weak openings for The Flash and Elemental, and review Asteroid City, No Hard Feelings, and Nimona. Oh, and chaos reigns. Enjoy.

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