Empire Podcast #338: Chris Pine & David Mackenzie, Tim Blake Nelson

Chris Pine, David Mackenzie, Tim Blake Nelson

by Willow Green |
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Chris Pine goes all Scottish in this week's Outlaw King, the story of Robert The Bruce, and in this week's episode he, and the film's director, David Mackenzie, talk to Helen O'Hara about making their film in the shadow of Braveheart, and more. Also, Tim Blake Nelson talks to John Nugent about working with the Coen Brothers on The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs, almost two decades after first hooking up with them (professionally speaking, of course) on O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Then, in the podbooth, Chris Hewitt is joined by Helen and Ben Travis for a jam-packed edition in which they discuss the films of the newly-minted Dame Emma Thompson, tackle the week's news including a spoilerific look at developments in The Walking Dead (00:37:31 - 00:42:49), and review seemingly EVERY FILM EVER MADE, including Steve McQueen's Widows and Peter Jackson's They Shall Not Grow Old. Have at it!

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