Duncan Jones Launches New Graphic Novel To Complete His Moon/Mute Shared Universe Trilogy


by James White |
Published on

Having already brought the world Moon and Mute, two sci-fi films that share a universe (while not being directly linked as stories), Duncan Jones had hoped to figure out a third. Now he's found a way, though it won't be on film, but instead a graphic novel called Madi: Once Upon A Time In The Future that he created alongside comics veteran Alex de Campi. And you can grab a copy via the book's Kickstarter site.

The story that of Madi Preston, a veteran of Britain’s elite special operations J-Squad unit, who is burnt out and up to her eyeballs in debt. She and the rest of her team have retired from the military but are now trapped having to pay to service and maintain the technology put into them during their years of service.

They're working for British conglomerate Liberty Inc as mercenaries, selling their unique ability to be remote controlled by specialists while in the field, and the debts are only growing as they get injured completing missions. We meet Madi as she decides she’s had enough.

She will take an off-the-books job that should earn her enough to pay out her and her sister, but when the piece of tech she’s supposed to steal turns out to be a kid, and she suddenly blacks out... she finds herself on the run from everyone she’s ever known.

Unlike normal Kickstarter campaigns where you're providing the funding to get the book made, Jones has paid for the book and the artists – which include big names such as Simon Bisley, Rosemary Valero-O’Connell, Tonci Zonjic, Pia Guerra, James Stokoe, Dylan Teague, Glenn Fabry and Duncan Fegredo - and the site is more so you can buy the finished product for delivery later in the year. But there are still perks for early purchases, so check out the site.

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