Daredevil season 2 gets a new Punisher-filled trailer

Daredevil season 2

by Phil de Semlyen |
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Matt’s back. Season 1 of Daredevil, Netflix’s darkly satisfying 13-parter, gets its global release on March 18 and the new trailer is packed with the kind of shadowy criminal shenanigans that left Charlie Cox’s so bruised and battered at the end of season 1. Is Matt Murdock ever going to get any actual legal work done? We're saying it's looking unlikely.

Of course, season one established Murdock’s extra-sensory powers and training at the hands of the unforgiving Stick (Scott Glenn). But now as a fully-fledged vigilante superhero in Hell’s Kitchen, things aren’t getting any simpler.

A nicely-paced trailer shows that Batman V Superman isn’t the only superhero face-off in town next month. Clearly the damage done bringing Wilson Fisk to heel is taking its toil, not just on Daredevil himself but on his friendships. Both Karen (Deborah Ann Woll) and Foggy (Elden Henson) are aggrieved that his violent expedients have brought an even greater threat crashing down on their heads: Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal).

Castle, of course, has a special forces background and brings with him "the knowledge and hardware to take out half the city,” as a helpful passing police officer explains. “Hell’s Kitchen is about to explode.” On March 18, to be exact.

Rosario Dawson returns as Claire Temple – the connective tissue with Jessica Jones – and Elodie Yung appears as a certain Elektra Natchios, a blast from Murdock’s past.

Check out the Daredevil season 1 Empire podcast spoiler special here, with Cox himself in attendance. Head here for a look at the season 2 artwork.

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