Cloverfield Paradox Empire Podcast Spoiler Special with JJ Abrams and Julius Onah

The Cloverfield Paradox

by Chris Hewitt |
Published on

Unless you've been stranded on a space station, battling with a temperamental particle accelerator, you probably know that The Cloverfield Paradox — the latest entry in the burgeoning Cloverfield franchise — changed the game a couple of weeks ago, when it dropped, with very little warning, on Netflix for the world to see whilst lounging around in their shorts.

And now that you've had time to do just that, now is the time to bring your ears to our latest spoiler special, in which Chris Hewitt, Helen O'Hara, and pod newbie Ben Travis drill deep into the Julius Onah-directed sci-fi chiller.

But that's not all. The podcast kicks off with an exclusive chat between Our Ben and Julius Onah and his producer/Cloverfield overlord, one J.J. Abrams. And it's filled with spoilertastic goodies.

So kick back, relax, ignore the sound of that disembodied arm scratching at the window, and enjoy the podcast here on Soundcloud.

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