Chloe Grace Moretz Boards Shadow In The Cloud

Chloe Moretz

by James White |
Published on

Chloë Moretz has turned to horror a few times in her career, and she's back in the genre for a new movie. She'll star Shadow In The Cloud.

Roseanne Liang will direct this one based on Max Landis' script. Shadow sees Moretz playing a pilot who boards a B-17 Flying Fortress in World War II clutching a black radio bag with top secret contents and orders authorizing her transport. As she puts up with jeers from the all-male crew, strange happenings begin to occur on the plane as the pilot is forced to deal with an oncoming Japanese ambush and an evil prowling within...

This one will be up for sale at the Berlin Film Festival, which kicks off next month. Moretz was most recently seen in Suspiria and is part of the cast for horror-tinged drama Greta. She's also the voice of Wednesday in the new Addams Family animated film, arriving on 25 October.

Liang has seen her career build steadily from shooting shorts to successful features, including 2011's My Wedding And Other Secrets, which became the highest-grossing local film in New Zealand's history. She's also preparing to make action thriller Fuse.

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