Avatar: The Way Of Water Trailer Sees The Na’vi Go Into Battle

by Sophie Butcher |

After 13 years, the news of three more sequels yet to come, and two mega exclusive Empire covers, the wait is almost over. We are now just weeks away from returning to Pandora with Avatar: The Way Of Water, and reuniting with Jake Sully, Neytiri and their family, over a decade on from James Cameron’s original groundbreaking sci-fi epic. A new trailer just dropped – watch it below.

We got a glimpse at The Way Of Water’s expansive new landscapes in the first teaser a few months ago, but this new look at the movie showcases some of the characters more prominently, as well as the inevitable clashes and battles ahead. Sigourney Weaver’s Kiri, who Empire revealed as being Jake and Neytiri’s adopted teenage Na’vi daughter, features heavily, speaking to her father about hearing a “mighty” heartbeat. She doesn’t name the person whose heartbeat it is, but we’re going to guess it’s Weaver’s character from the first film, Grace, who is surely connected to Kiri in some way. We also see Kiri exhibiting some kind of potentially telekinetic powers, which would be something new for the Na’vi clan.

There are also more beautifully rendered creatures to admire, both underwater and above land, and snippets of sure-to-be epic action scenes – we know Stephen Lang is back as Colonel Quaritch, and judging by some of the explosive, fire-laden shots, he’s not on Pandora to make friends.

Avatar: The Way Of Water is in UK cinemas from 16 December 2022.

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