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100 Greatest Video Games

by Ben Travis |
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Across a few short decades, the medium of video games has exploded – delivering imaginative worlds, iconic characters, deeply emotional player experiences, and seriously satisfying gameplay. From the earliest arcade days, through 16-bit consoles, and right up the current generation of machines – the PS5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch and more – the gaming world has evolved in leaps and bounds at an astonishing rate. And through that whole period, thousands of great games have kept us hooked.


For the first time in 10 years (a lifetime in the gaming world), Empire is conducting a brand new poll to draw up a fresh list of the greatest video games of all time – the ones that we couldn’t put down, the ones that moved us, and the ones that, well, changed the game. From Donkey Kong, through GoldenEye, multiple generations of Mario, the expansive cities of Grand Theft Auto, the character journeys of The Last Of Us and its sequel, the astonishing open worlds of Horizon and beyond, there’s plenty to choose from – and we want your top 10 lists, spanning the entire history of the medium. No cheat codes here, people – pick your titles wisely.

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