The Triangle Review

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A whole bunch of sci-fi ideas rammed into a three-part mini-series.


This three-part scifi Channel miniseries, with story input from prominently-billed exec prods Bryan Singer and Dean Devlin, seems like a pumped-up 1970s TV movie, basing all its weird stuff on dog-eared paranormal paperbacks. Annoyed by the loss of a ship (and his twin brother), tycoon Sam Neill assembles journo Eric Stoltz, psychic Bruce Davison and other experts to come up with a definitive answer to the marine mystery, while Greenpeace activist Lou Diamond Phillips copes with being shifted in from another reality.

With fine performances and a buzz of ideas (not all good), this still feels a long stretch at four-and-a-half hours and is strangely convinced that embarrassing nonsenses like UFO abduction, the Bermuda Triangle and the Philadelphia Experiment are cool, cutting-edge science fiction concepts.