Supernatural: Season 1, Vol. 1 Review

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Filling a little bit of the gap left in people's lives after Buffy.


Since the conclusion of Buffy and Angel there has been a vacuum at the smart and sexy end of genre television. This McG-produced series about ghoul-hunting brothers travelling the US with a Chevy Impala and a trunk full of weapons was welcomed by mournful Whedonites as the show to fill that gap. Expectations were duly met, too — the pilot is a truly chilling experience, with a roadside phantom preying on unsuspecting travellers.

Unfortunately, subsequent episodes don’t do the first one justice, the myths and urban legends that fulfill the weekly spook quotient conjuring only the occasional scare. Supernatural attempts to carve its niche somewhere between Buffy and The X-Files. But, lacking the wit of the former and the consistent creepiness of the latter, it ends up more like a darker Charmed with added testosterone.