Stargate: Continuum Review

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Don't forget to shut it behind you...


‘Gaters’ were galled when the tenth and final season of Stargate: SG-1 ended with no resolution. The payoff finally emerges in two TV movies: the first - The Ark Of Truth - rounded off season ten, while this instalment provides a coda for the whole show. Unlike Ark, Continuum feels more like a feature than simply a double-length episode, with Ba’al, the last System Lord, altering time so that none of the series actually occurred. As a film this would be trite and uninspired, but as the conclusion to the show it’s quite satisfying, tying up the loose ends and offering a welcome last hurrah for Richard Dean Anderson. Everything continues in Stargate: Atlantis, of course, but for those mourning SG-1’s demise, Continuum is a solid send-off.