Sex Traffic Review

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A courageous, shocking piece of work.


Borrowing its format as well as its title from Steven Soderbergh’s 2000 exploration of the drug trade in the Americas (and the European miniseries before it), David Yates — who has since gone on to call the shots on Harry Potter V — re-teams with his State Of Play star John Simm to deliver this scathing attack on an oft-overlooked problem.

At the core of Abi Morgan’s gutsy story is the journey of two sisters (Anamaria Marinca and Maria Popistasu) from the Republic of Moldova who are duped and sold into a brutal journey across Europe, which has a ripple effect that touches big business, organised crime, privatised peace-keeping forces and sex tourism. Yates does an excellent job of keeping the various threads tightly woven, delivering a courageous, shocking piece of work that will doubtless soon be remade by Hollywood — and pick up Oscar nods.