Second Sight: The Complete Series Review

Image for Second Sight: The Complete Series

Clive Owen's intriguing, if a little familiar crime drama


Clive Owen’s last major TV work before he took up film stardom full-time, this is yet another entry in Britain’s endless appetite for crime dramas, albeit one with an intriguing hook. Owen plays a maverick cop in a prestigious position on the force, whose world slowly unravels when he develops a rare disorder that causes intermittent blindness and hallucinations. Desperate to conceal this from his colleagues, he enters into an uneasy alliance with his ambitious junior team member (Claire Skinner), who becomes his eyes while he tackles the mysteries with his newly developed perceptions. Lavishly produced if a little familiar, the four feature-length tales make excellent capital of the hero’s condition via innovative camera work and warped visual and sound effects that allow the audience an ‘in’ on Owen’s fracturing view.