The Saint Review

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Simon Templar stays one step ahead of the law, outswindling gangsters, protecting the good guys and charming beautiful women all over the globe


Never as good as Danger Man or The Avengers, The Saint remains watchable early-’60s fluff. Roger Moore visits glamorous locales — Paris, Rome and, er, Stevenage — represented by stock footage and pavement café sets, helping out old pals or stray beautiful girls.

The trademarks (that whistled theme, superimposed halo) are likeable, the better episodes have neat mysteries from author Leslie Charteris, and there’s always the likelihood of Oliver Reed or Anthony Quayle as a guest baddie and name-that-face bit-parts for everyone from Jane Asher to Ronnie Corbett. Fanboy trivia heaven — the episode where Simon Templar impersonates James Bond.