Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II Review

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Worth watching for Gary The Stormtrooper's 'take your daughter to work day' issues.


Episode II (or should that be V) of Seth Green and Matthew Senreich’s stop-motion skits on a theme of Star Wars and it’s still indispensable stuff. As befits the sequel, there is some darker licks here, but what really impresses is the character stuff: Palpatine (voiced by Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane) always on his mobile getting tips about Bounty Hunters from hairdressers; Gary the Stormtrooper working through Bring Your Daughter To Work Day. There are great pop culture riffs (a lawyer who sues limb-severing Jedis) and stuff that only the hardcore will enjoy: the backstory of the krayt dragon, the reality behind the Mouse Robot. It takes the thing we love the most and pokes inventive, irreverent fun at it.