Peep Show: Series 3 Review

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Mitchell and Webb return for the best series yet.


If Sex And The City is an insight into the thoughts and ways of womankind, its equivalent must surely be Mitchell and Webb's grubby little journey into the pathetic male psyche. Finding deeper, darker, guiltier secrets than previous record holder Men Behaving Badly, this all point-of-view-shot comedy (an idea that could have become old very quickly) continues to go from strength to strength in this third outing.

Apart from the duo's obvious and excellent comic chemistry, it's the outstanding talent of writers Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong that should be sung from the rooftops. It's no lean feat to combine traditional sitcom 'hijinks' (in this instance, the introduction of an old crush, an insane college friend returning to London, the romantic / cold-turkey-rehab weekend away) with wry observational material, but here the cringe-ridden implosion of Mark (the uptight nerdy one) and Jez (the slacker nerdy one)'s dreams and fantasies at every turn is handled superbly. If you're uninitiated, you can jump right into this series, but for full effect, go back to the beginning. Painfully funny.

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