Monty Python's Flying Circus Series 1 Review

Image for Monty Python's Flying Circus Series 1

The first time the shows are available on DVD format as they were broadcast.


Coming fresh from the likes of The Frost Report and Doctor In The House, Monty Python arrived (all Footlights and fancy-free) with Flying Circus in 1969, and as Season 1 shows, they hit the ground at a canter. Admittedly, arriving so close on the heels of the recent ‘Personal Best’ collection, in which each Python chooses his favourite sketches, some may question the need for this release, but surprisingly the show has never been available in an as-broadcast format on DVD.

These 13 episodes, while lacking the consistency of subsequent series, are peppered with some of the team’s finest sketches, from the Dead Parrot to Nudge Nudge, and reminds us that spam used to batter the taste buds as well as the computer.