Lie To Me: Season 1 Review

Image for Lie To Me: Season 1

Good premise that works, mainly because of Tim Roth.


What looked like just another US crime series, with yet another offbeat detection angle and British star, turned out to be surprisingly good. Not least because Tim Roth rocks it: cool, likable and a put-down artist to rival Dr. House as scientist Dr. Cal Lightman, whose expertise in “micro-expressions” (unconscious facial movement and body language) make his institute the first choice for tricky investigations.

Cal and associates spot the liars to crack wide-ranging cases including kidnap, murder, investment fraud and, in the season’s taut finale, terrorist bombings in Washington, D. C.. Inspired by the real work of series consultant Dr. Paul Ekman, it’s educational in a fun way, as well as a polished procedural drama that tackles some hot button topics. Season 2 beckons.