The Inbetweeners: Series 1 and 2 Review

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Teen Comedy that transcends the norm.


The closest thing that Brit TV (or Brit culture in general) gets to a top teen comedy, E4’s The Inbetweeners skewers the pangs of adolescence with broad laughs, likable characters, a fizzy Britpop soundtrack and enough candour to really resonate. With the title referring to the kids caught between the twin poles of cool and geek, Season 1 follows posho Will (Simon Bird) forming friendships at a new school, taking in such well-worn rites of passage as creating insults (“bumder”), bunking off and school discos, all tied up in a constant quest to find girls. Season 2, boasting such delights as a field trip, keeps up the standard. A kind of Freaks And Geeks in Pinner, it’s enough to give E4 a good name.