Heroes: Season 1 Review

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Aw, come on. We DO need another hero. A score of them in an ongoing mystery about their genesis and purpose is even better. Whatever he says, Tim Kring, the creator of hit show Heroes, has to have been thinking “X-Men meet Lost”.

At the very least, he learned lessons from Lost, chiefly: do not make the viewers insane by teasing them endlessly, and don’t bite the hand that feeds you by continually throwing out new questions but never providing answers.

Heroes is mystifying, but the story arc in this first season develops wonderfully, with enough pieces of the puzzle clicking into place to keep you keen. The pace starts calmly, with disparate characters from Madras to Manhattan discovering remarkable abilities, but it accelerates with exciting intensity as the shared vision of a nuclear catastrophe draws the genetically empowered ones together for an awesome, duly heroic climax.