Family Guy: Blue Harvest Review

Image for Family Guy: Blue Harvest

It's the Griffins in outer space


Produced with the full cooperation of Lucasfilm, this often inspired retread through A New Hope sees the Family Guy characters take on Star Wars and emerge unscathed.

Once the initial titters at seeing who plays who have faded (the creepy neighbourhood paedophile as Obi Wan, for example), the gang settle in to their usual asides and pop references to mixed effect (a Dirty Dancing take-off? In a Star Wars parody?). But there are great gags here - see the “Red leader, standing by.”; “Simply Red, standing by.”; “Red October, shhhtanding by” run, or the way that Doctor Who credits pop up as they make the jump to hyperspace.

As ever with this show, it’s a mixed bag, but there are golden nuggets inside.