Entourage: Season 6 Review

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Now with added Matt Damon


As any Entourage fanatic will tell you, there are two reasons to watch the show. One is Ari (Jeremy Piven), the borderline psychopathic super-agent whose venomous rants alone would make a bile-filled bestseller, and the other is Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon), the swaggering TV star who regularly peppers the dialogue with just enough boorish bullshit to make you laugh, but not turn the telly off.

The others, to be honest, pale in comparison. Even movie star Vince (Adrian Grenier), the reason why the crew are in LA in the first place, is, um... a bit boring. It’s an absolute joy, then, that Season 6 is essentially Vince-less, the ‘star’ of the show taking a break after his latest hit, Scorsese’s Great Gatsby (no, really), allowing Ari and Drama more screen time. The series sings because of it.

In the Ari camp, screaming matches are had, desk ornaments are thrown, but our hero emerges triumphant, firing a paintball gun and screaming, “Victory!” Drama, meanwhile, must defend Turtle’s honour and deal with a vengeful TV exec, all while sporting the most lurid tank tops ever committed to screen.

Six seasons in, and it seems Entourage has finally nailed its formula, giving us a carefree mix of topless models, A-List cameos (yep, this is the season with Matt Damon in), and mildly diverting storylines. The Wire it ain’t, but a lot of fun it is, continuing even now to be just as entertaining, ludicrous and joyously superficial as it was fresh out of the box.