Eerie Indiana Review

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Ahead of its time, Wonder Years meets X-Files


Still to be found lurking around the netherworld of Channel 4’s esoteric schedules, this underrated and inventive creep-show predates Lost by marooning its characters in a place where inexplicable things happen, which may or may not (according to its rabid cult fans) have something do with hell (the town’s population contains the number 666) or doctored milk. Starring former Dallas moppet Omri Katz (he was John Ross Ewing III) as new boy in town Marshall Teller, each episode unravels further layers of weird, all of which Teller catalogues and stores in a locker to which only he has the key.

The series lasted for only 19 episodes — all of which are included here — the highlights being ‘The Lost Hour’ and ‘Reality Takes A Holiday’. Look out too for a young Tobey Maguire as a ghostly presence in ‘The Dead Letter’.