Casanova Review

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David Tennant is this production's incarnation of the world's most infamous randy little sod


The BBC’s pacey romp through the romantic highs and lows of the world’s most famous lover (apart from Darren Day of course) brims with vigour and cheeky sauce, scoring high in terms of fun but somewhat lower if you’re looking for historical analysis — but who, frankly, is? Peter O’Toole is great as the aged Casanova and director Sheree Folkson barely pauses to let her actors draw breath, but the series is most notable for the first team-up of TV’s hottest celebrity scribe — Dr. Who’s Russell T. Davies — and the man set to take over the Tardis in the next series, the geeky yet somehow deeply dishy David Tennant. Judging by this, Who 2005 v.2 is going to fly.