Californication: Season 1 Review

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Agent Mulder gets all foxy...


In hank moody (David Duchovny), New York novelist-turned-screenwriter who years ago sold his soul to Hollywood, now in an existential purgatory, we have a character reminiscent of dozens of movies. Paradoxically, though, this witty, acerbic comedy feels almost revelatory on the small screen. Duchovny is in the cornerstone role of jaded romantic - albeit one who shags every woman he meets. The only real miscalculation here is to over-egg its ‘soft centre’, landing poor Madeleine Martin (as Hank’s daughter of 13) with more than a few diabetically dangerous saccharine moments (including a hideous, rug-pulling final frame). The pros, however, vastly outweigh that con, and ironically for a show set in the smog-ridden sprawl of LA, Californication is a breath of fresh air.