Black Books Series Two Review

Image for Black Books Series Two

Bitingly funny adventures of bitter bookstore owner Bernard and his good-natured lodger Manny


We may be biased because it stars the host of this year’s Empire Awards, Bill Bailey, but Black Books — despite that BAFTA — is perhaps the great overlooked sitcom of the last few years, easily deserving as much praise as Spaced and Father Ted.

Wilfully surreal and filled with a healthy contempt for humankind, this second series pitches co-writer Dylan Moran’s bitter bookstore owner, Bernard Black, and his scruffy assistant, Manny (Bailey), into various baffling situations — a holiday in an airport, for one — and loads them up with biting one-liners and original sight gags.

There’s no character development here, but when the gags are this good, who cares?