Bionic Woman Review

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We can rebuild her - but why bother?


After the roaring success of re-imagining Battlestar Galactica, that show’s exec-producer David Eick took a stab a resurrecting another ‘70s sci-fi serial (itself a spin of from The Six Million Dollar Man), but missed the mark. Casting the perennially lovely Michelle Ryan as Jaime Somers - who survives a car crash thanks to nanobot-like implant technology, making (bits of) her stronger, faster, better - was a good idea, but thing start badly when, after the pilot episode, little sister Becca was changed from Mae Whitman (angry, deaf, quite well written) to Lucy Hale (rebellious, budding hacker, cliché). It’s all too earnest for its own good, and heavy handed rebellious-chick dialogue doesn’t help, but hopefully someone will recognise Ryan’s efforts and nab her for better work.