Beasts Review

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A series of ITV plays by Nigel Kneale of Quatermass fame, mingling the supernatural, psychosis and weird character business. Two are all-out scary: the something-nasty-bricked-up-in-the-wall Baby and the home-invaded-by-unseen-rats During Barty’s Party. Memorable performances: Patrick Magee as a mad pet shop proprietor with lunatic werewolf theories in What Big Eyes, and Pauline Quirke as a supermarket check-out girl in the middle of a poltergeist outbreak in Special Offer. Also, a psychotic break-down on a Hammer-style horror set in The Dummy, and pornographer Martin Shaw haunted by a ghost dolphin in Buddyboy. Shot on video, with some overly insistent acting, this still has a lot of creepiness going for it.