Alexei Sayle's Stuff: Series 2 Review

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Alexei Sayle returns to form for a second series of rants.


The series that kicked off with a Mouse-House pisstake and a ten year-old girl asking, “Who’s that fat bastard?” finally arrives on DVD. The highlight remains Sayle’s to-camera rants, of which there are plenty that will please fans and newcomers alike. The surrealist sketches are hit and miss and thus less accessible: replacing a pet cat with a bishop — brilliant; the firefighter sketch, not so. Safe but hilarious are the observational gags on things that never change, and taking the piss out of Lowestoft won’t ever grow old. Sayle’s focus has always been political, so naturally some sharpness has been lost since his main target — the Thatcher government — is now just a memory to which everyone complains the current one is too similar. Lex, time to come back.