The 4400: Complete Season 2 Review

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The alien abductee atmospherics move into their second stretch.


The 4400 is arguably the truest successor to The X-Files’ brand of mystery — not least because it focuses on the supernatural investigations of two government agents. These 13 episodes compellingly build upon the excellent premise of the initial 2004 mini-series, which saw 4,400 people, mysteriously abducted during the last seven decades, suddenly reappearing un-aged and most possessing unearthly powers.

With the overarching reason for the 4,400’s return now tantalisingly exposed, the show gets great mileage out of exploring the individual plights of returnees, now treated as veritable aliens by the public. The emergence of a government conspiracy by this season’s climax pushes the show even deeper into X-Files territory, although hopefully it won’t become as tediously convoluted.