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Adèle Exarchopoulos
Léa Seydoux
Salim Kechiouche.
Abdellatif Kechiche.
Abdellatif Kechiche
Ghalia Lacroix.
Running Time
180 minutes

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Blue Is The Warmest Colour
Love hurts

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Schoolgirl Adèle (Exarchopoulos) meets blue-haired artist Emma (Seydoux). The pair fall in love, move in together and all looks rosy, until...

Blue Is The Warmest Colour

"How do you understand that the heart is missing something?” is a question posed at the start of Abdellatif Kechiche’s Palme D’Or winner. The answer is as emotionally shattering as movies get, the ecstacy and agony of first love, real love, in all its magnificent simplicity and complexity. Also, given it’s based on Julie Maroh’s Gallic graphic novel, it has a surprise shout at being the best comic-book movie of the year.

The French title is La Vie d’Adele — Chapitres 1 & 2, and Kechiche delivers one of cinema’s most realistic coming-of-age stories. The first chapter details Lille schoolgirl Adèle’s (Adèle Exarchopoulos) journey from English lessons, family spaghetti dinners and fumbled sexual experiences to getting together with blue-haired, happily out bohemian Emma (Léa Seydoux). Perfectly capturing the rush of falling for someone, it culminates in the (now notorious) lengthy graphic bedroom scene that melts the barriers between love and sex. It is untethered, unembarrassed and joyful.

It’s not just the sex scenes that feel extended. Kechiche lets every scene play well beyond ‘normal’ length, giving his characters room to live and breathe. If chapter one is about what brings the couple together, chapter two is what pulls them apart. Interestingly it is not sexual politics that breaks them up but different divisions (illustrated
in contrasting family dinners), and the film becomes a heartrending look at the struggle to overcome differences and the need to find meaning outside a relationship.

Seydoux — you’ll remember her from the beginning of Inglourious Basterds — is terrific, daring, free-spirited and open, but this is Exarchopoulos’ movie. She gives a tour de force performance without it ever feeling like it is a tour de force performance, believably and movingly etching a journey into maturity. Around the two-hour mark, the pair separate and Adèle, now a classroom assistant, battling to teach her kindergarten kids while her post-Emma world is collapsing around her is the most heroic act in a 2013 film. How this all resolves itself will leave you in bits.

Anchored by two of the most natural, committed performances you’ll ever see, Blue Is The Warmest Colour is the most moving love story of the year.

Reviewed by Ian Freer

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Average user rating for Blue Is The Warmest Colour
Empire Star Rating


Adele, (Adele Exarchopoulos), has her mouth hanging open a lot. When she is eating, she talks with her mouth full, her hair in the most incalculable mess I've ever seen. She is in high school, but she could also be a third grader in the park, looking at all the strange people around, sometimes catching her hair with a bit of her peanut butter sandwich. Everything about her exudes youth, inexperience, and curiosity. So a dissonant moment occurs when we first see her exploring herself on her own s... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by emilyelizabeth1283 at 01:20, 07 July 2014 | Report This Post


This thing is almost 3 hours long but doesn’t feel like it. Fearless performances from the two lead actresses with some genuine emotion on display amidst all the low rent (and very naturalistic) action. But look past the explicit naughtiness and there’s a really fine film to be had here - a film filled with passion, warmth and real humanity. All the joy, confusion, complexity, boredom, strife and – indeed - sadness of the lovers is beautifully and sensitively captured. I was ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by ROTGUT at 17:35, 13 May 2014 | Report This Post

The best romance movie ever in the last decade

Regardless of the love scenes, this film totally deserves The Palm D'or Awards. All the actors were truly natural in their performances, specially Exarchopoulos, what a beautiful way to the show a coming of age of adolescence, where the heart is concerned. If any director/ screen writer/actors could get any where to perfection , this film was it. I truly recommend this movie for all movie buffs ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by george7163 at 22:19, 29 April 2014 | Report This Post


Yes I agree. Bullock, Adams et al. despite giving good performances just aren't up to what Exarchopoulos produced. Oscars are staying safe with their choices & even Bafta who I thought would recognise Exarchopoulos but alas didn't. ... More

Posted by suzyq50 at 10:15, 25 January 2014 | Report This Post

RE: Blue Is The Warmest Colour

Loved this film. The performances are the best this year especially from Adele Exarchopoulos. She deserves to be scooping up awards but I sense the frank sex scenes just frightened off the critics, in the UK & US that is. I think the direction & editing lets this film down. I loved the first chapter but the second seems rushed & contrived (even in a 3 hour film)! I wanted more of the couple together & the repercussions of their relationship on their family & friends rather than straight... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by suzyq50 at 10:08, 25 January 2014 | Report This Post

I can't take the Best Actress Oscar nominations seriously now without Adèle Exarchopoulos name on it. It is an amazing film that reflects being in a relationship regardless of sexuality. Raw, beautiful and film of the year . ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by jezy at 13:38, 21 January 2014 | Report This Post


Forget the controversy and see Blue is the Warmest Color for what it truly is: a warm and compassionate ode to the vagaries of the heart. The Warmest Colour ... More

Posted by chang at 09:46, 31 December 2013 | Report This Post

Just saw it&absolutely loved it, worth all the hype that came its way. Thought the performances and the directors execution were as good as it gets. Although i did worry during the sex scenes about the 80 plus year old man in the front row who apparently just wandered into the cinema to pass an hour. Thought there for awhile we were definitely going to have some cardiac issues. ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by fuzzy1659 at 19:50, 12 December 2013 | Report This Post

Just saw it&absolutely loved it, worth all the hype that came its way. Thought the performances and the directors execution were as good as it gets. Although i did worry during the sex scenes about the 80 plus year old man in the front row who apparently just wandered into the cinema to pass an hour. Thought there for awhile we were definitely going to have some cardiac issues. ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by fuzzy1659 at 19:49, 12 December 2013 | Report This Post

RE: Blue Is Not The Warmest Colour. Orange is.

Three hours of tedious titillation. Good acting from the leads though. ... More

Posted by spamandham at 22:33, 26 November 2013 | Report This Post

RE: 9 is the warmest song

A terrific film, but one I left feeling disappointed with. the Warmest Colour ctured as two distinctive halves, the first of which is wonderful; an intimate, astonishingly authentic portrayal of a young woman fighting conformity and falling in love with a girl. The courting & eventual coming together of the pair is perfectly realised, offering one of cinema's most natural depictions of romance in a very long time. It's a shame then that rather than maintain the brilliance of the fir... More

Posted by Qwerty Norris at 12:43, 23 November 2013 | Report This Post

9 is the warmest song

this sounds like 9 Songs, but without the ace soundtrack and Margot Stilley wanking off that geezer. ... More

Posted by Jonny24 at 19:42, 21 November 2013 | Report This Post

Thanks for telling us the entire plot. ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by Suttisan at 10:02, 18 November 2013 | Report This Post

Best Film Ever

The 2 girls are really amazing. I wouldn't mind watching them for even 6 hrs long!! Kechiche's direction is very brave and intimate, makes you feel so close to Adele physically but mostly mentally. Every scene has its small meaning, you should look close to the details. Adele is expressing her feelings so naturally and gives definitely an Oscar performance which will be remembered. Lea performs amazingly too and there is such strong chemistry between them. A movie that will forever have a very s... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by snowdrop73 at 21:13, 13 November 2013 | Report This Post


Amazing from start to finish. I agree, this is Exarchopoulos' movie for sure. Best movie of 2013. Even more than Gravity. ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by Jokershideout at 04:28, 09 November 2013 | Report This Post

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