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Sharni Vinson
A. J. Bowen
Joe Swanberg.
Adam Wingard.
Simon Barrett.
Running Time
95 minutes

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You're Next
Holiday from hell

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In a remote woodland holiday home, the Davison’s family reunion is shattered when an arrow kills one of the guests — the first sign that the house is about to be besieged by psychotic killers in animal masks.

You're Next

If you fell asleep after watching a double bill of Danish Dogme drama Festen and French home-invasion horror Them, you might dream up this latest film from Adam Wingard, now delivering on the promise of his low-budget early features and segments in horror anthologies V/H/S and The ABCs Of Death. Key scenes of Wingard’s best-known film, A Horrible Way To Die, were set in the proverbial cabin in the woods, and here the traditional horror setting is only marginally upgraded to an isolated country pile in the middle of — yep — a forest. The difference is crucial, however, as the family reunion provides the perfect opportunity for a deliciously subversive, well executed splatter-fest, equal parts Agatha Christie and agonising cruelty — with plenty of in-jokes.

Speaking of ‘well executed’, You’re Next boasts some genuinely shocking murders, as the Davison family succumb to a brutal attack from animal-masked assailants hiding in the woods. In the set-up, as is often the case with such films, none of the characters seem sympathetic. But as the death toll mounts, you can’t help rooting for the survivors — especially when an unlikely hero emerges, and surviving family members fight back. As Simon Barrett’s script gleefully twists the knife, Wingard deftly juggles gory horror and black humour, keeping the audience in the dark about the true nature of the home invasion, before dragging them to the final, satisfying conclusion.

For a film whose title has such a sense of urgency, it’s surprising it’s taken two years to be released. Don’t be put off: Wingard is on his way to becoming the next Sam Raimi, and You’re Next may well be your next favourite horror film.

While it doesn’t defy genre conventions like Cabin In The Woods, Wingard’s tale of a dysfunctional family under siege is an outrageously entertaining crowd-pleaser — if you have the stomach for it.

Reviewed by David Hughes

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Average user rating for You're Next
Empire Star Rating


This is worth seeing. Takes a while to get going too, but when it does, it’s edge of the seat stuff. A family gathering at an isolated mansion with the evening seemingly set for a night of pleasant festivities and domestic communal bliss. And then – all hell breaks loose. You’re Next has echoes of a 70’s John Carpenter movie with the protagonists trapped in an enclosed building while being continually besieged by malevolent outside forces. When the mayhem starts, the acti... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by ROTGUT at 18:16, 06 February 2014 | Report This Post


L: TheGodfather A fun horror flick with a couple of good scares but nowhere it gets really scary. There is enough gore in it to keep you entertained but the biggest downside is the fact that about halfway through the film you get the explanation. That takes the tension and excitement out of it, letting the film bleed dead somewhat. gree with this - it starts out nice and sinister but the tension is lost at the twist, at which point it turns into an adult Home Alone crossed with La... More

Posted by UTB at 11:56, 18 January 2014 | Report This Post

RE: haters

I watched it once last August at Frightfest. Definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat and filled with creatively brutal gore sequences. I will consider giving it a re watch when I can. ... More

Posted by adamthehorrorfan at 10:36, 18 January 2014 | Report This Post

RE: haters

A little excessive - why not try sticking to praising a film you like instead of unnecessary abuse of those who didn't? ... More

Posted by elab49 at 13:13, 15 January 2014 | Report This Post


finally watched it on blu ray yesterday, money well spent if u ask me, the movie was enjoyable, entertaining and funny. toward the end i as hoping the motives of the killings wasnt about money but i was wrong, which necessarily mean that the was anything wrong with it! i love how the haters (mostly frustrated filmmaker) r commenting on the lack of this and that, 2 words for u lot P!SS OFF ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by hadooooooooooooooken at 12:41, 15 January 2014 | Report This Post

RE: You're Next

iven its title, you can be forgiven for assuming that Adam Wingard's home-invasion thriller will be just another blood-soaked body-count flick. But You're Next is better than that. A lot better.Next ... More

Posted by chang at 12:05, 31 December 2013 | Report This Post

Watched in cinema on friday: tp:// l_tt_1]You`re Nexturing a family reunion the family is being attacked from outside their house. The attacks seem to be coming at random. They do everything they can to stop them. A fun horror flick with a couple of good scares but nowhere it gets really scary. There is enough gore in it to keep you entertained but the biggest downside is the fact that about halfway through the film you get the explanation. That takes... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by TheGodfather at 13:23, 06 October 2013 | Report This Post

RE: You're Next

With horror nowadays being completely overwhelmed by the hugely derivative, it's great to see something both subversive & free of the creepy/knowing child - possibly the most tiresome cliche in the whole of modern day cinema. By no means perfect (some of the writing & acting let it down occasionally, whilst the budget constraints do it a disservice in places), but the grizzly set pieces are executed in a gleeful, entertaining manner and the jet black sense of humour sees it through to the... More

Posted by Qwerty Norris at 17:40, 13 September 2013 | Report This Post

Spot on!

I really enjoyed the film. Fun, funny, enjoyably scary, judged the gore just about right, one top class brutal kill in particular towards the end was the highlight. ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by tysmuse at 22:38, 12 September 2013 | Report This Post

RE: You're Next

After a good first 20 minutes or so of fine build-up, the kid with the parkinson's disease takes over the camera and it all goes to pot. Parts of the film are virtually unwatchable due to the way they are filmed. Some creative kills, reasonable performances, but I've seen better filmmaking skill in your average F13 movie. What the hell is happening to cinema? 3.5/10 ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by Dr Lenera at 16:15, 05 September 2013 | Report This Post

RE: You're Next

Not great at all I thought. The script wasn't as strong as it could have been, particularly in the humour. I think the humour is important first of all to excuse some of the fun the film has with the kills. It wasn't clever enough to do the venality of the upper-middle class family interaction. A conversation about commercials being the highest form of filmic art directed at Ti West's cameo was a corny attempt at 'knowing nod'. I also thought there might be a political intent behind the... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by demoncleaner at 15:59, 03 September 2013 | Report This Post

Finally, I was able to watch You're Next in the comfort of a cinema seat, with surround sound and a big ass screen. Though the screening was pretty empty (which was a shocker) I still managed to juice everything out of You're Next that was possible, and boy, that juice was great. You're Next is a lot of things, and one of them not being the ground-breaking home-invasion it was initially made out to be. Don't get me wrong, this is a great film, but its short of being a masterpiece and way off ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by jackcarlin18 at 18:56, 01 September 2013 | Report This Post

You're Next

Saw this tonight, there are a few strong scares and jumps but mostly, for those ready for it, this is a great mix of funny and violent thrills. People who are avid fans of films like Cabin in the Woods and Scream may be familiar with moments of the narrative structure but this is a ferociously enjoyable Horror ride. You’re Next seems to have initial stutters of expectedness but once you get past a certain point, earlier things don’t seem quite as odd- enough said. You’re Next i... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by JJB888 at 00:31, 23 August 2013 | Report This Post

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