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Emily Blunt
Jason Segel
Jack Black
Amanda Peet.
Rob Letterman.
Nicholas Stoller
Joe Stillman.
Running Time
87 minutes

4 Star Empire Rating
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Gulliver's Travels
Comedy gets shipwrecked

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An adaptation of the Jonathan Swift classic, travel writer Gulliver (Jack Black) attempts a trip to Bermuda, but instead ends up in Lilliput, where he finds himself at the mercy of many tiny hands.

Gulliver's Travels
Jack Black is a big man in a small town in this comedy that’s very loosely based on Jonathan Swift’s novel. Newspaper mailroom guy Gulliver blags a Bermuda Triangle investigation to impress travel editor Darcy Silverman (Amanda Peet). He ends up in Lilliput, where the citizens are the size of his finger, and include King Billy Connolly, General Chris O’Dowd and Princess Emily Blunt. Managing to bring both heart and humour to her performance, Blunt is the unexpected star of the show, while Jason Segel makes a surprisingly good English-accented suitor. Black’s slacker schtick feels tired, though, and the few laughs aren’t enough to compensate for the script holes and general butchering of Swift’s satire.

A low-grade comedy that'll have Jonathan Swift turning in his grave.

Reviewed by Anna Smith

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Average user rating for Gulliver's Travels
Empire Star Rating


L: homersimpson_esq Sadly, as has been pointed out to me, this continues a tradition into its third year of watching an awful film at the start of the year. Last year it was ssassinhe year before that it was ritess knows what 2012 will bring. on't you know? Death to humanity! reat review homer and I hope your cinematic travels improve.... ... More

Posted by Qwerty Norris at 18:06, 08 January 2011 | Report This Post


L: Gretzky Keep hearing the same that Gulliver's isn't all *that* bad which is tempting me to see it! llow me to quash that temptation. In a month where I already took my children to see d ent) and ret of Kellsb) I felt like I was letting them down by taking them to see r’s Travelsn the bad press it had received upon its US release, and indeed the awful trailers and horrendous Orange advert that has been in front of ingle film for the last three months is the part where I’m sup... More

Posted by homersimpson_esq at 14:29, 08 January 2011 | Report This Post

RE: Gulliver's Travels

L: Whistler There isn't much to say about it other than it's a ridiculously fast paced, mediocre film with a few funny gags. Awesome cast but some, shall I say, interesting acting. I guess it's kind of entertaining but...really not a very good film. That damn Orange advert really began to piss me off as well. aving sat through that bloody Orange advert for something like, over 50 times, I have no desire to have this inflicted  upon me. ... More

Posted by Qwerty Norris at 14:18, 08 January 2011 | Report This Post

RE: Gulliver's Travels

An okey film with an intersting cast. Jack Black works his comady pants off. I can't believe they cast Cathrine Tate as Emily Blunt's mother, is she really older than her? Great to see Billy Connelly back on the big screen. But between this and the Mel Gibson one they made, (movie or series, I don't remember) I'd choose the Mel one.  ... More

Posted by white mage at 22:40, 07 January 2011 | Report This Post


Didn't you go out to compain about the ratio? Did nobody..? Though you say this is Cineworld so it doesn't surprise me the projection was crap, only nobody said anything! Keep hearing the same that Gulliver's isn't all *that* bad which is tempting me to see it! ... More

Posted by Gretzky at 14:39, 31 December 2010 | Report This Post


After waiting 55MINUTES!or the 2d version to start as the FUCKING projectionist hadn't turned up this morning then had to watch it in the wrong ratio where you wre always looking at Jason Segal & half the other supporting cast squashed in or the top of their heads missing from frame thank you World of Cine I kinda've thought it wasn't as bad as reviewed had its moments thanks mainly to Jack & Chris O'Dowd of the IT Crowd. I give it barely 3/5 ... More

Posted by Wild about Wilder at 16:34, 30 December 2010 | Report This Post

"I don't want to do this dance."

With that Orange ad - I love that Black admits to having not read the script before the shoot. ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by Macavity at 09:52, 28 December 2010 | Report This Post

RE: Gulliver's Travels

With this and The A-Team Orange are 2 for 2 in chosing to sponsor European distribution of a flop movie. Maybe they should finally pack it it? gn] ... More

Posted by Fit Kisto at 15:33, 27 December 2010 | Report This Post

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