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Owen Wilson
Vince Vaughn
Rachel McAdams
Isla Fisher
Christopher Walken
Jane Seymour.
David Dobkin.
Steve Faber
Bob Fisher.
Running Time
119 minutes

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Wedding Crashers

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John Beckwith (Wilson) and Jeremy Grey (Vaughn) have discovered that the perfect way to score with women is by gatecrashing romance-drenched weddings. Their perfect success rate is threatened, however, when they get too close to two bridesmaids (McAdams and Fisher) and break their long-established “Wedding Crashers code”.

This summertime rom-com is a mouthwatering prospect indeed: the Frat Pack’s hippest stars — Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn — teamed up as fast-talking rogues; an always-welcome comedy turn from Christopher Walken; and a flamboyant cameo from the daddy of Frat himself, Will Ferrell. To quote Vaughn from Dodgeball: “I’m laughing already…”

As it is, Wedding Crashers doesn’t quite live up to its promise, but through no fault of its off-the-wall cast. Sharing an easy chemistry and free of the usual joker/straight-guy dynamic, Wilson and Vaughn quip, riff and banter to hilarious effect. And both get their fair share of money moments — the latter’s muggings are particularly hysterical in a raunchy dinner-party sequence.

That the lead characters' cocksure confidence extends to the movie itself is its biggest weakness. While Vaughn and Wilson are adept at loose-limbed improvisation, that doesn’t disguise the fact that the material they’re funking up is pretty lazy. Sure, all Chris Walken has to do to score a laugh is narrow his reptilian eyes, but that’s no reason not to give the man decent lines. In fact, the only supporting character who doesn’t feel watered-down is Isla Fisher’s nutso nympho — an unexpected, scene-stealing joy. There’s enough good-natured energy to compensate, but the wait for this year’s Dodgeball continues.

The laidback stars are funny and sweet, but they’re let down by a patchy script which squanders some potentially priceless set-ups.

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Wedding Crashers

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Average user rating for Wedding Crashers
Empire Star Rating

... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by Me100 at 16:12, 10 May 2007 | Report This Post

Wilson twinkles, Vaughn dazzles. Funny and feisty ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by moviemaniac2 at 19:30, 06 April 2007 | Report This Post

When i watched this i couldn't stop laughing, i was basically crying!! I disagree with those reviewers who said that this film doesn't live up to it's expectations. ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by umer_ejaz at 17:29, 28 June 2006 | Report This Post

When i watched this i couldn't stop laughing, i was basically crying!! I disagree with those reviewers who said that this film doesn't live up to it's expectations. ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by umer_ejaz at 17:29, 28 June 2006 | Report This Post

The funniest film of last year, Wedding Crashers delivers some serious laughs while once again showing off the elite comic talents of the leading men. In Wilson and Vaughn, a movie that meanders for the last half hour has two masters on which to place its weight. The latter's quick-fire anecdotes and sarcastic wit are a perfect foil for the former's more likeable, near-horizontal demeanour. There is little room for anyone else but the supporting cast do an admirable job. Walken lays on his us... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by Eomer_King at 21:47, 29 May 2006 | Report This Post


Vaughn and Wilson are as good as you'd expect but the film itself is more than predictable, without too many laugh-out-loud moments. I expected more. ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by qualidad at 11:08, 30 April 2006 | Report This Post

Wedding Crashers

This is hilarious. Great ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by premierbaron at 17:29, 28 March 2006 | Report This Post

'I don't even know what a fu$@ing quail is!'

As a huge fan of the frat pack, I thought thsi was pretty good. The teaming of Vaughn and Wilson works brilliantly (Vaughn is especially luminous). There are, as ever some priceless moments, this is light entertainment of the hifghest order. However, sadly the film doesn't stand up to repeat viewings. Where you laughed the first time, you won't the second. See it once, enjoy it, but don't expect much more. ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by Grandma Death at 18:55, 03 March 2006 | Report This Post

Wedding Crashers

It has some hilarious moments that are pure comic genius, as Vaughn and Wilson provide a great partnership and camaraderie. Yet the clichéd plot prevents the film from achieving a better rating, good while it lasts,but the final half hour isn'tthekind of stuff you come to expect from two of the Frat Pack's great entertainer's. ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by mufcgeorge7 at 22:26, 22 January 2006 | Report This Post

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