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Mike Judge.
Running Time
89 minutes

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Office Space
A trio of work-drones - lead by Ron Livingston - finally rebel in their corporate cubicles

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A tale of company workers who hate their jobs and decide to rebel against their greedy boss.

Beavis And Butt-head alumnus Mike Judge transforms his animated satire Milton into movie reality to minimal effect.

The stultifying, dead zone of the modern office sits squarely in his cross-hairs as a trio of work-drones - lead by the bland Ron Livingston - finally rebel in their corporate cubicles. Irritatingly, as fertile a target as it is, Judge's film is shapeless, his characters wishy-washy and his jokes caught ineffectually skirting realism.

Jennifer Aniston crops up as an equally oppressed waitress at a theme restaurant, but it is only the corpulent Stephen Root, as the perpetually abused, mumbling obsessive-compulsive Milton, who catches the funny bone.


Office Space Office Space
Released: 06 October 2003

A shapeless comedy of little merit.

Reviewed by Ian Nathan

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Average user rating for Office Space
Empire Star Rating

Worst review ever ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by BrooksyTHX1138 at 23:33, 30 May 2011 | Report This Post

Awful review, great film

What kind of review is this? I must have watched a completely different film! Gary Coles character is a cult classic m'kay! Any way lets go back to giving Indiana Jones IV four stars or any thing with a hint of a subtitle 29 stars. ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by Giles83 at 07:25, 30 August 2010 | Report This Post


"It is only the corpulent Stephen Root, as the perpetually abused, mumbling obsessive-compulsive Milton, who catches the funny bone." Were you watching the same film as the rest of us? There are tonnes of funny moments in this film - how could you not find the gangland-style printer destruction at least slightly funny? Presumably this film isn't pretentious enough to earn a higher rating... ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by auTOMatiK at 15:24, 18 June 2010 | Report This Post

No Way

This is the first DVD I ever bought...Ian Nathan is a legend, and his reviews are always great! Btu clearly he has never worked in an office! So many good lines fom this move...Show her my O face! ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by Samurai7 at 13:42, 11 November 2009 | Report This Post

I'll burn this place to the ground

An alright comedy that to me comes off a little as a Clerks rip-off but it's got it's moments ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by S1lent B0b at 20:09, 03 October 2009 | Report This Post

are we on the same page ?

i usually agree with all the reviews empire gives out ,i even use them to decide which movies to watch but this has to be the first time empire is WRONG . Two stars? i couldnt believe my eyes office space is definately a cult comedy classic. the acting was good and the comedy was great.this is simply a case of bad critic panning a movie for not being a in your face slap stick comedy ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by krish101 at 20:56, 01 August 2009 | Report This Post

"Bad case of the mondays"

AWESOME MOVIE!!!! Empire wrong...ME right! ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by tallaght24 at 10:26, 11 April 2008 | Report This Post

2 Stars??

an absolute disgrace that this film only gets 2 stars. This film is soooo good.....someone whos knows what they're talking about needs to redo this review ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by Kase at 19:56, 22 October 2007 | Report This Post

awful, awful...

I totally agree with Empire's review. Shapeless and souless this film is indeed. I rarely not finish waching a film, but I had to walk away from this halfway through. The only thing I've gained from this is learning how not to make a movie. ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by princessanna at 11:15, 22 April 2007 | Report This Post

Last Straw!!!

Okay, so I'm getting a little tired with you, Empire. You call yourselves professionals, but you wouldn't know a good movie if it hit you in the face. You gave classics like Home Alone, Honey I Shrunk The Kids and The Addams Family 3 stars, and great movies like Ace Ventura and The Naked Gun 2&3 2 stars. To add insult to injury, when I searched for (the brilliant) Office Space, one of the results saw Lost In Space get 3 stars. Lost In Space. To be honest, I couldn't give a toss on your opini... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by movie nerd!!! at 19:11, 26 November 2006 | Report This Post

Very disappointed with Ian Nathan on this one.

I remember catching this review in Empire first time around (if I recall correctly, it didn't end up getting a cinematic release in the UK and it was one of those "not worth bothering with" straight to rental videos). I've always been a massive fan of Mike Judge's and I bought the ex-rental VHS, followed by the vanilla R2 DVD. Very, very pleased with this film and despite the moans about it lacking a third act, I think it holds up wonderfully. Another Empire review that was swept un... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by Moribund at 14:05, 28 August 2006 | Report This Post

Another dissident.....

I caught this last night on bbc2 and thought it was a funny little film. I can understand the criticisms e.g. poor acting, muddled structure, lack of focus etc but it is still a delightful guilty pleasure (like Mallrats). It does have some merit! Some excellent character creations such as the guy that lives next door and funny bits such as the photocopier destruction and the virus plan etc. Under-rated!! ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by wiggins at 18:18, 08 July 2006 | Report This Post

RE: Office Space

t=arial].im gonna have to ask you to.....r] 1]watch this movie again and again.   The only people that WILL NOT find this movie funny are those who never held an OFFICE JOB. I give it a 4/5. For anyone who has they should find  the movie funny as can us... "The Bobs'" alone are worth watching.... so many great characters in this film. You really have to have expeienced an office environment to get all the jokes and Peter and his partners in crime ar... More

Posted by wgamador at 18:46, 02 June 2006 | Report This Post

Office Space

I rarely disagree with Empire, but I thought this was a very funny comedy, which is really very enjoyable. I'm not a fan of Beavis and Butthead but I felt that this film really struck a chord - hell, I don't even work in an office, I'm a student! Maybe it's just me, but the film worked on many levels, and at least was imaginative. Top stuff! ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by jon2005 at 15:03, 31 May 2006 | Report This Post

RE: It's Good To Be A Gangsta...

Surely it deserves at least one more star for the gangsta soundtrack. t talk to my mother so I talk to my diiarry" ... More

Posted by Castor Troy at 22:41, 29 May 2006 | Report This Post

It's Good To Be A Gangsta...

I not only flat out disagree with every word of the review (well the word 'and' i don't have a problem with), I personally think this is a fantastic acheivement in film making. It IS funny, the characters, the acting is sometime debatable but very, very enjoyable. I've seen it maybe 15/20 times and I wish more people have heard of it....this review of 2 stars seems uneducated by a critic who would most likely award 5 stars to the latest Star Wars or LOTR film...oh wait a second..... ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by janusespirit at 21:57, 29 May 2006 | Report This Post

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